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And “Corporation YOUKANYA HONTEN” is “Shelley Mason” the price and the quality of the designer standard housing as the “St. Marriage” of single-family rental housing in Tochigi Prefecture, the research to adapt to thoroughly market from the performance, construction to center the Corporation KOUNAN KAIHATSU in terms, for the sales and market needs has been developing on the axis YOUKANYA HONTEN. All is a group of order to birth a new network that aims to be a corporate group that is needed in the area in the “consumer price” to achieve, all over the country.

And New single-family rental housing (St. mariage) is

Living Inc. future Museum of European-style building house the head office group purchased directly building materials from the manufacturer, at a price that was national unity, we have established a system for supplying as a logistics package. (Some local support available)

Cooperation with the real estate agent, in addition to the national unified purchase of materials, the price of housing can be recorded is the gross margin of the high rate while the straight-line, just there in the system, such as a dream.
That of this single-family rental housing as a “New single-family rental housing (St. Mariage)”, has a trademark registered in the mansion house head office.

In addition, because this building will be the original construction of the strict inspection of warranty inspection company of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport certification “House Plus”, the owner of course, it can also be building in peace for the contractor, at the very world there is no system there and is up to Itasu recommend with confidence.

With regard, this time, will be the recruitment of single-family rental housing as the “construction shop” and “selling specialty store” on a nationwide scale.


Currently, one in four people has been welcomed the world’s first aging society in transition and Japan also from high-growth society to a mature society is now 65 years of age or older.

After the war, the labor force of the growth period came to contribute significantly to the consumption also in the overwhelming majority production and 8.06 million people baby boomers (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare data 1947, 23 years, 24 years was born) is. The generation now has retired from the front lines are retired. We’ve been riding through turbulent times as a party. This era is things not, it all was the era necessary. (House, car, home appliances, daily necessities, education and wages, etc.) Tokunikoromo, food and housing is a basic of life, “the amount of the era” began in all.

In recent years, rental housing, “especially single-family rental housing” is a product from the “amount” of “quality” and inevitably was born, “co-benefit” from the requirements of the market to the changing times and to “value”.

After the war Japan has achieved a miracle specific high growth. Abundant labor force is in the background, low wages, advanced technology, there was a strong feeling in the reconstruction diligence, and more than anyone else. This is the growth phase I was at once supply in order to balance the so apartments and houses had been absolutely insufficient public corporation, including the private sector, will be rental housing such as the public and private sectors together of municipalities, “supply and demand”. I went to eventually migrate income also increased middle class of people up from the apartment of the era of the “quantity” to the era of the apartments and My Home of “quality”.

And now, reached the mature society entered the era of the “value”, since each person’s sensitivity is different, does not appear to come from as co-housing “community life with others that do not know,” “one wall is another person” and pressure is a difference between “reciprocal benefits” of the values that it can not withstand the I gave birth to single-family rental housing. Accordingly, our rental of the apartment buildings and apartments, apartment already has a supply excess (nationwide 4.2 million households empty room), I excessive competition of the owner comrades makes it difficult to rent management to put pressure on management. Furthermore the vacancy rate is likely to continue increasing overlap also exhaustion of aging population and local future.

However, because the single-family rental housing is the same as the single-family My home, because you can move not only in rent to buy here has an extreme shortage of supply in the “excessive demand”. Earlier joint house or apartment, you apartment and difference “lender market”.

And co-housing or apartment, the current you want to move from the apartment tenants will have been said to be at most about 70% to 75%. Domestic rental properties has a vacancy there (document reference of Japan Rental Housing newspaper) about 17.32 million units will have been said to the national average of 23%. Accordingly, our apartment house or apartment by this single-family rental housing is widespread, vacancy will continue to further increase such as condominiums.

This is we are confident that it is new products that are required in the “value of the times” that resulted in a mature society and social disparity. Detached rental housing management of the new values is the difference between the competing product, it lessor and the only products that can be obtained “Coexistence income” for the lessee both.

Western-style house head office Co., Ltd. has established a “three-dimensional network of design and construction, sales, materials manufacturer” from Hokkaido in the country unified price member to have the industry’s first to Okinawa in order to respond to this “value of the age.” In the future, we would like to continue to push forward as a member of the country it is possible to realize a “co-benefit” of the lessor-lessee both in the area.

Company profile

Representative isao fukuda
Address 3-13 nishimoro kanuma-si tochigi japan
contact information TEL:0289-64-3138 FAX:0289-62-7720
The capital 30 million yen
Activities Planning housing, sale of rental housing, construction, national net sales
License number Tochigi Prefecture Governor License(Special -4) No. 22480
Bank Tsukuba Bank Kanuma branch
Ashikaga Bank Kanuma east branch
Kanuma mutual credit union Midoricho Branch

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